mothering well Posted May 11, 2013 by Hope


Today my heart is overwhelmed with gratitude.  I honor those I see around me whose love goes so deep that they don’t even feel the sacrifice.

To my sweet friend, who took in a stranger’s baby…  Who has been feeding this sweet one every two hours for weeks now, and loved her as the baby has literally doubled in size.  Thank you.  I honor you.  You are teaching your children about giving from your heart and loving others with Christ’s love.  You are making such a difference, and I pray with you for God to be glorified and man to be wise so that baby will grow into all she can be.

To my cousin and a favorite friend who are celebrating their first Mother’s Days with a baby to hold in their hands….  These women who have suffered through pain and heartache and days, and months, and years of deep emptiness… I smile for you.  I honor you.  I celebrate with you.

To many other women, who want to be married, who want to have children, who are hurt and confused because it is not happening the way you thought it would… I honor you.  I recognize you.  I pray and weep for you.  I entrust your heart to the only one I know to give it to because I REALLY truly believe that He is sovereign and righteous and trust worthy.

To the woman who fled from her home searching safety in this place…  Who wanted to give up her children because she had no hope.  Who received help from others.  Who made a difficult choice to mother when when knew she could abandon instead.  Who is now watching her babies thrive with help from Godly friends.  I salute your courage.  I pray for your safety.  I honor you.

To the women that are my neighbors… who haul water from a well and delivered their babies in huts.  Who work beside other women that are sister wives.  Who parent their own and parent others and love through suffering and sacrifice without complaint without tears with a strength I will never posses.  I honor you.  You inspire me.  I pray for your strength.

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