The Johanssons

Hello. We are the Johanssons.

Dave grew up, the middle of three boys, in the town of Grafton, Massachusetts. Hope grew up, the oldest of two girls, in a suburb of Houston, Texas.

We met on a missions trip to Puerto Villarta, Mexico during the summer of 1997. One year later, Dave moved to Hillsboro, Texas about 30 minutes away from Baylor University where Hope was studying.

In the summer of 1999, we both moved to Richmond, VA. After becoming Virginia residents, we completed our Bachelors degrees at Virginia Commonwealth University. Dave studied Recreation and Tourism Management and Hope studied Music Education.

On August 3, 2002 we were married in Grafton, Massachusetts.

We both found jobs in the community of Sandston, VA. Hope taught music in the local public school system, and Dave worked with some of the same kids doing youth sports at the Y.

It was in the fall of 2004 that God began to add some piemont [African hot pepper] to our plain American life. Dave signed up to go on a short-term construction mission with our church to Niger, West Africa. In January 2005 upon Dave’s return from the ten-day trip, we had our first “could you move to Africa?” conversation.

During the summer of 2005, Hope spent five weeks in Niger. She worked as part of a kids camp team and then stayed an extra three weeks doing evangelism in villages and observing life as a missionary. It was during that trip, on the phone, that we decided to seriously consider moving to Niger.

On May 21, 2006 Samuel was born. In May 2007, we quit our jobs, we sold our house and our cars, we packed our stuff, and the three of us moved to Africa.

And that is where our story starts. The rest of it is here in bits and pieces. We hope that you find this space informative, inspiring, and helpful. Ours is a story of regular people who God invited on an African adventure. Welcome.